The umbrella association for nature conservation

Landesnaturschutzverband Baden-Württemberg


The umbrella association for nature conservation
The Landesnaturschutzverband (regional nature conservation association) Baden Württemberg (LNV) acts as an umbrella of most nature and environment conservation organizations in Baden Württemberg. Its 32 member organizations represent the interests of about 540.000 environmentalists. The association was created in 1971 in the awareness that nature conservation organizations can easier attain their goals and make themselves heard by politics, administrations and society when acting as a single joined power.

Lawyer of the nature
The LNV is a governmentally recognized nature conservation association which states its position on plans and regulations concerning nature and environment. As an alert and critical partner to the politics and administration, LNV acts on the role of voice of the nature. It denounces abuses and demands for the compliance with nature and environment rights. Considering the relationship between real economy and society’s ecological prerogatives the association calls for the preservation of sustainable procedures in the fields of economy, tourism, agriculture and forestry.

The theoretical background of the LNV principles is summarized in the “LNV-Positionen-Natur und Umweltschutz” (Positions to nature and environment protection). This document was unanimously approved in 2013 by all the member associations and the positions represent a common platform for all the associations.

The association coordinates organization’s overarching activities and common statements. A monthly newsletter regularly informs its readers about current developments in the field of nature and environment protection, about recent activities, publications and events. (free registration on ). In its annual event the-Future Forum on Nature Conservation the association approaches urgent topics concerning nature protection. We also theoretically and partially support the activity of our on site voluntary workers.

LNV on site
The core power and basis of the LNV activity are its regional district working groups (LNV-Arbeitskreise). Within these groups voluntary environmentalists work together exchanging their experience and opinions on statements regarding planning processes and strategies of nature protection as well as negotiate with public authorities. Moreover members of regional church organizations specialized on nature protection issues can involve themselves in the activities of local LNV-working groups.

Some of our achievements
• One of the most significant recent achievements of our association is the creation of a wide range of Landscape Protection Associations (LEV) in Baden-Württemberg. These associations have a decisive contribution to the extension of the European network of protected areas – Natura 2000.
• Another LNV requirement that has recently been officially approved is the ecological approach to land consolidation. Thus a certain process can only be implemented when it is beneficial for the nature.
• To such issues as permanent land consumption and landscape reduction LNV responds with various lobby activities or informative publications such as the movies „Kurze Wege“ and „Ende im Gelände“, which were awarded the German geography media prize.
• Another strong impulse was given by the volume of photographs „Land“. It draws readers’ attention to the beauty as well as to the ecological threats in Baden-Württemberg

Would you like to support our activity?
Aid and support plays a significant role in our Association successful development. This can be performed either by offering practical support to our working groups (LNV-Arbeitskreise) on site or by making a donation to the association or to the foundation. .

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